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Friday, September 23, 2011

It's been awhile...

Sorry I haven’t posted an update in awhile but I can't find the digital camera and it is hard to get these pics off my cell phone without texting them one by one.  Finally I have some down time so here we go... 

Things had pretty much slowed down but they have slowly but surely picked back up.  I have tons of pictures but here are only a few.  You will see that after that week long rain they pretty much got all of the water out of the basement and poured the concrete.  They finished up with the grading and I just so happened to be off when the lumber was due to arrive.  I was in the model talking about food with the SR (I'm such as fat ass) when she said "well look at what we have here" and there it was coming down the street, MY LUMBER!!!!!!  Sadly I have to add that it was delivered and sat for a few days, I drove to the lot on Tuesday and left with a long face and a major attitude that nothing appeared to have moved since last Friday.  We just so happened to be in the neighborhood yesterday so we drove by again and there it was the first floor all framed up in its glory!  Our PM called to give me the Friday rundown and here is what is instore:

This Sat through Monday - Roofing
Next Tuesday - Ducts
Next Wednesday - Plumbing and Brick

Time Line Goals
October 6 - Pre-drywell meeting
November 16 - Pre-settlement walk through
November 21 - Settlement

After the rain - Dry

Back of the house
 Concrete Poured

 Not sure what those holes are for?


 I was there when the lumber arrived!!!

 Morning room Framing
 Front of the house
Family room  
Aint it purdy


  1. I was just thinking about your blog the other day! I am so happy that everything is on the up and up! They are moving along nicely, and yes, it's "purdy!" LOL.

  2. Very very nice!! Looks like you are back in the swing of things! Going up fast now!

  3. Looks great Carlito! Its awesome you have a good timeline of dates...makes things a lot easier. See we told you as soon as you break ground it goes by super fast! :-D

  4. Yaaaaay! Things are looking great!!!!!!! Look at your baby!!! He is getting bigger by the day!!! I am so happy things seem to be moving along finally! Looking good, can't wait to see more pics! :)