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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pre Pre-Dry Wall

We are 2 days away from our pre-drywall inspection but in the meantime I thought I would bring you all up to speed on what has been happening since I last checked in.  Yesterday was the meeting with Guardian.  The meeting went well except there was no dedicated electric in the basement for the surround sound and TV hook up.  The problem has been addressed and should be worked out soon.  The meeting wrapped up in about 30 min which left me free to explore the house.  Let me just say that this was my first time setting foot in the house since it has been constructed.  At first I walked around mapping out where things would go and trying to figure out if the family room would be big enough without the 4 foot bump out.  After about 5 minutes of doing that it hit me...this house is HUGE...OMGosh...What? that moment I became overwhelmed for a minute but I know I am making the right choice because I am so tired of being modest and outgrowing a house and feeling like we are bursting at the seams.  After I coached myself a little I was good.  Sooooo on with the excitement!

I did snap a few pics so you all could see what was going on.  Keep in mind I am having to rely on my iphone so they aren’t the best but I think I am going to just go out and buy another digital camera because I am missing out on pictures just because I can’t find my existing camera (which may have been packed by accident).

Second Floor

Half Brick Front
 Finished Brick
 Family room (w/Plenty of Space)
 Framed Foyer
 Framed Morning Room (boarded window to be placed later)

Until next time have a good one eNeighbors and Happy Building!


  1. OMG Carlito!?! Look how far you've come!! WOW looks awesome! Its like yesterday you were waiting to break ground! Goes fast doesnt it?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your brick! Looks fabulous!

  2. looks good. If you turn on the HDR feature on the iphone, the pics look a little better.

  3. Looking good, looking good! You have a great lot! Believe me the Courtland is very large! We don't even go in our basement, dining, or living room! They are building a Avalon across the street from us and it is huge!!! I just keep thinking about heating and cooling areas I don't use! Can we say expensive! Once you move in and get settled it will not seem as large because it gets filled in bit it still is large...I love that third window in the family room that natural light is great! Anywho good luck and yaaaY for drywall! Can't wait to see the progress next time! Thanks for sharing

  4. omg! I'm with New Build Boob--it feels like it was yesterday when you were waiting to break ground!!! It takes absolutely no time to build a house! And yes, your house is HUGE, and it coming along nicely!

  5. Thanks yes we are going from 2000 sq ft to over 4400!

  6. It looks great, and with 4400 square feet, I'm sure you will have enough space. :)

  7. Catching up on my blogs...Congratulations on the great progress and yes...we know the feeling about the amount of can definitely be overwhelming at times!!! We are just over 6100 square's big in all the right places.

    Guessing by now your drywall is definitely complete and you should be quickly moving towards your closing date....update us when you find time...GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. Thanks BD I know you are enjoying your big ol'house as Chelly calls it. Things are definetly moving along and we have been packing up things that we dont need but I hate doing it so I keep prolonging it.