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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...Stop with the Rain already it is messing up our date!




Scattered T-storms

Scattered T-storms

Isolated T-storms
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Blah...all week though...O'well everything for a reason right?


  1. If they haven't poured your basement you need to make sure the footers in the basement are still okay with all this rain. A house around the corner had the footers poured for the foundation and we got a ton of rain which caused the ground to soften around the footers which allowed them to shift...RH had to rip all the footers out and start over...then they got the foundation poured and we got hit with the hurricane...same thing happened to the remaining footers in the basement...they are going to have to rip them out too and redo.

  2. Ohhh Carlito Im so sorry hun. You just cant get a break letely! Hope it works out and they can stay on schedule.

  3. Thank you BD, I am not sure what footers are. I went to the property yesterday and I didn't notice any changes but since it is so much dirt piled up I can’t walk up on the house. The only thing I can see is what is in the pictures. I noticed that the molds were in and the concrete was poured in them and then a day later they were gone leaving the outer shell of the house. There is no way for me to peer down into the house to see what is on the ground.

    @ New Build Noob I know right! I sure hope we can settle by the end of November but there is still hope.

  4. If you look at the very last photo on this post:

    you will be able to see round concrete pads inside the basement...those are the footers for the support posts. If there is too much water, the ground around may get soft and these footers may move...not as bad as the foundation wall footers moving or shifting, but still not might want to just ask your PM if the basement footers are okay with all the rain.

  5. Aww man, that sucks!!!!!! You really can't catch a break. They have stopped working on houses in my neighborhood too. The Avalon being built across the street from us was having brick installed on Saturday and hasn't been completed yet! GL and I hope this rain eases up soon!

  6. Hi Carlito, My husband and I are building a Courtland as well. We were supposed to break ground this week but couldn't because of this crazy rain! I look forward to seeing your progress.