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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Update

So, we decided to go to the model one last time today to scope out everything. Also to take a few pictures. Tomorrow we meet with out sales representve to finally sign our final contract.. And of course write out another check to them :( ! Not sure what the next step is but I really hope it's a pre - contraction meeting and hopefully we are able to break ground sooner rather than later. Let's see, we also did another drive by through the neighborhood this weekend. We discovered that there are actually people living in the community!!! Usually when we are there we don't see anyone , but not this time!! Kids were playing outside, people were walking their dogs...and people were jogging!!!! Yess!!! That's all I have to report..hopefully we'll have a chance to put sothe pictures up this week of our lot, and a few of the model before we head up to Martha's Vinyard for Memorial Day.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ball of confusion

Ok so it's time for my second post and let me tell you today was a day. We are almost at the point were we will make our final selections as well as write the the last check for Ryan to secure the closing costs. So here I am at work minding my own business and I get an email saying the payment will be a whopping 4k more than was previously discussed. In that moment all the excursions for my upcoming vacations, happy hour drinks, and my afternoon visit to Banana Republic vanished right before my eyes...Say What!?!?!? I set up a meeting on Monday to sort it all out because as it turns out the figure was a very loose estimate but I haven't totally reconnected to life as I knew it before I got that darn email! I have so many small questions for our sales rep on Monday, I hope he gets lots of sleep and has a really great lunch because I am 159% certain that I am going to get on his nerves. He is the greatest though wouldn't trade him for the world!

Okay so now to talk about our developing obsession...why are we driving through the neighborhood every chance we get and they haven't even moved the smallest granual of dirt on our lot? It's like what do we expect to see? I don't know but for whatever it's worth it sure makes me feel better after we do it. Today was a good day to drive by too, there was a man jogging outside and he actually waved hello as we drove by...poor guy he must have thought we were crazy the way we stared him down as he bounced by. Oh and one woman was cleaning out her car and had her garage door open, Lord forgive me but why was I all up in that lady's garage when I drove past...don't laugh...I wanted to see how much space I was going to have to work with. I hope people don't think I am crazy but this is good stuff! Anywayz let's see how Monday goes, any tips on things I should be making sure I cover in this meeting? I know one thing I want to know is, can we paint during the first year, I saw on a blog were a woman said she knew she wasn't supposed to and how it was killing her. I wanted to have the whole house painted before we moved in but if I have to pay this extra money our walls will be whatever color the builder paints them for awhile. I am about to put a red light on my porch and see if I can make me some fast cash (kidding I think).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First entry

Okay this is our first entry so it won't be long. We have just been approved and are on our way to building our beautiful Courtland Model. The excitement is mounting and the wait is still underway. I am new to this blogging thing but I think it will help relieve some of this anticipation. Please stay tuned in for more updates in the very near future.