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Sunday, November 6, 2011

OMG we are close!

Hello E-Neighbors,

Well Well Well...we are just about 2 weeks from closing and the preasure is on.  We are in packing hell but in a few weeks it will be all worth it.  NVR Mortgage contacts us almost twice a day asking for updated stuff so I am hoping that this is a good thing since we have a few weeks to spare.  I would much rather they ask now instead of the week of closing like the Stevensons blog.  Anyway, guess what!!!!  We did a weekend drive by and guess what we saw?  Drum roooooooooooll please...LANDSCAPING!!!!!  OMG can you say NICE!!!  Anyway I will let the pictures speak for themselves and then I will let you know a little bit about our visit to the house.

 So nice minus the ladder & gas tank of course
 Sod still going in if you notice some is missing

Okay so now for our appointment to see the house.  We went to see the house on Halloween and it was a dusty mess.  We were so excited to be inside with most of the installations complete to get a feel for how much space we would have an how our selections turned out.  Below you will find various pictures to give you an idea of what we saw.  I was kind of disappointed in how dark the St. Celia Granite turned out.  We chose a dark floor and dark cabinets and based on the sample we thought we would get light counters to help bring some light back into the space but instead we ended up with a muddy toned granet with specs of black mixed in.  Overall it is still nice just not the vision I expected.  Carpet went in 2 days later and the house got it's first cleaning later in the week so we will go in on the 16th for the big reveal and do our punch out.  I will close this update here, enjoy the pics and happy building!

 Basement Bar (Not sure how I feel about the counters but time brings change)
 Master bath cabinet
 Family Room
 Hall Bath
 Upper Foyer View

 Soaking tub
 Master Shower Tile
 Mud room flooring color
 Morning Room
Our house now (the packing has begun)


  1. It looks beautiful! What a great location! I love the wooded area to the left of your house. Do you have a close-up of the St. Cecilia granite? I went to the granite installer warehouse this weekend and I want to change to the St. Cecilia. It's gorgeous.

  2. All that sod!?!? Boy, I am jealous.

    I also like how they installed corner shelves in your shower. We got one lousy soap holder and with no step, are having a hard time storing things. Live and learn I guess.

    your house looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  3. Carlito, everything look wonderful! Thank you for posting a pic of the master bath-we chose the same tiles, so it's nice to see the finished product. I love your morning room, and the landscaping is beautiful!

  4. That is one loooong driveway! lol And one beautiful home! Congrats honey! I know your on "go" right now. But 2 weeks is going to fly by. And before you know it, you'll be settling into that gorgeous home of yours!

  5. What is the name of the wood you got for the basement bar?

  6. Thanks for all of the compliments! The front door will be painted red pretty soon.

    @ SW I will also post pictures of the floor and the counter, I am not sure why they didn’t post.

    @ Ravena Those little shelves I chose at the tile store when we were in the selection phase. They didn’t match the tile exactly but complimented the decorative tile trim. We wanted them placed a little further apart but when we got there they were up so it's done now.

  7. @Jen it is Cognac we got knobs but they hadn’t put them on yet.

  8. Wow - that looks nice. Your sod almost looks like a checker board! The inside is really coming together. Looks great.

  9. Everything looks beautiful, love your outside space, looks like you will have plenty of room for those summer time cookouts, your cabinets look fantastic, I did not get the glass on the island and your picture is making me start to regret that decision, beautiful.

  10. Everything looks fantastic. I believe we have the same cabinets, floors, and granite...check our post regarding the Kitchen reveal with all the pictures...I think you will be pleasantly pleased when they get it all uncovered and cleaned up.

  11. btw...I too am very jealous of the sod...our yard is a big mess right now...worse then when we moved in because of all the "construction" in the yard...sprinkler system, landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting.

  12. @ BD I think you are right about the Kitchen. We wont have the opportunity to see it all cleaned up until this upcoming Wednesday. I drove by and peaked through the window but could only see the foyer which looks really nice but I am sure not as nice and the entire house! Our sod looks really nice and we love it. They put in a few more trees than we expected but the sucky part is they didn't tell us what kind of trees they are because they have no idea. I think that is so dumb to put things in a landscaping package and cant tell the buyer what the hell is in the yard but anyway. We are getting a sprinkler system installed also probably next week. We have 5 zones and allot of grass to cut. I am trying to figure out if I want a push mower or a riding mower. Riding seems like a no brainer but I hate mowers because they always need repair and I think a riding would be a nightmare to transport for service.

  13. We were so disappointed with the landscaping package that we said forget it and are doing our own. If you are going to get riding mower and are worried about transporting it for service you will find that most businesses that service it will also provide pick up/delivery service too...sometimes they charge a small fee and sometimes they provide it as an additional service.

  14. It looks good Carlito! I love your lot, and how your house is nestle between the tree's ! I love that. You picked a nice lot! ;) I can't believe its almost time for you to move in! And just in time for the holidays! :) Great Christmas present! :)

  15. Thanks Chelly, I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

    @BD we ended up getting a self propelled mulching mower but the moment I feel overwhelmed I am either getting a rider or hiring a service!