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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It has been awhile but...

Hello everyone,

It has been quite awhile since I have posted an update but I wanted to drop in and give you a quick one at least until I have more to report.  So as you know we were waiting on permits which took a VERY long time to come in but finally did.  We scheduled our preconstruction meeting which took place last week and tomorrow we are scheduled to break ground, yes I said it break ground.  I have not posted anything because I didn't want to jinx myself by getting to excited but let’s hope it happens tomorrow.  The preconstruction meeting was very interesting and informative.  Our PM is very direct which I can appreciate but he made it crystal clear at the top of our meeting that he doesn’t believe in custom homes and Ryan homes delivers a product so he wouldn’t be entertaining any custom requests...basically he issued a blanket NO upfront.  I have to admit that I was not happy to hear this given all of the feedback I have been getting from you all about things you have changed as the process moves along.  I didn’t have that much that I wanted changed at the time of our meeting so I didn’t have any objections.  He also instructed me not to visit the inside of the dwelling without him being present or he would call the police on me...Really?  Really?  He asked that we give him a 48 hour heads up and he would be more than happy to walk us through but also added not to make it a weekly habit.  What do you all think about my meeting?


  1. I think he's an ass.

    I'd be telling him it was MY house. I was paying HIM to be there when I wanted to be there and he'd make damn sure be there or I'd just get the keys from Rep. This isn't HIS house, it's YOURS. And you have the right to ask your Rep for the keys ANYTIME YOU WANT to go see it. You are NOT at your PM's mercy. He's at yours. Especially if he wants those 10's on his survey when it's all said and done.

    I'd be letting him now upfront just how often I planned on coming by. And if he couldn't accommodate me, I'm sure the Rep would as I knew for a FACT that Ryan encourages you to stop by and see the house.

    He's a typical alpha male. He is wanting to show you who wears the pants. He forgot YOU DO in this case. NOT him.

  2. OMG!! Seriously....the police?! Wow thats harsh! I have had SO many people (who have built) tell me that checking on the house often is a must. We haven't really walked through ours to much because its always when workers are there and we don't want to bother them, but we have never been ...basiclly threatened...if we did. They did ask us that if we want a total walk through to just let them know so a rep can be with us and we can get hard hats, but never a "do not do this!"

    Im not sure how I feel about that. I think thats extremely abrasive. I understand its not technicly your property until closing...but this is YOUR money your spending...not his. Many people have found flaws by walking through and catching them in time to be fixed.

  3. That's total BS!! We lived close to our new house when it was being built and drove by almost every day and went inside at least a couple times a week. Once we were locked out we just drove over to the model in our development and got a key from our sales rep. I'd ask your sales rep or talk to someone higher up and TELL them you WILL be visiting your home while it's under construction whenever it's convenient for you. I can't believe he told you that!!

  4. I know I know I feel the same way and even said something to the effect that it was my house but I was corrected and reminded that it was not in fact mine until I buy it and that overall it was for my safety. I was also told NOT to ask my sales rep to let me in or walk me through because he needed to be in the model to sale homes. I am going to see how it goes but I laid in bed that night kind of uneasy about my meeting but calmed myself by just focussing on the fact that the process was finally moving. O'yeah remember when I said I didn't want to jinx myself by posting before we broke ground? Well who knew we would have a freaking 5.9 earthquake in MARYLAND!!!!! WTH! I sure hope this doesn't delay things anymore than they have been already.

  5. He's a "bleep"ing liar!! You can ask your sales rep to let you in whenever you want! RYAN ENCOURAGES IT!! This guy seems shady. What is trying to hide or cover up? I'd personally would tell him to go to hell. And I don't do that.
    I'd tell him he'd better make either himself or the rep available at my convenience or I'm pulling contract, contacting corporate, and building with someone else.
    I know I'm being harsh, but this guy is a total ass. To threaten to call the police so HE isn't inconvenienced is bull!! I hate bullies. And this guy is a bully.

  6. I agree with everyone on BS. You certainly should use good judgement like not walking around inside while the workers are there doing framing and waiting for the steps to be installed before going to the second floor or basement, but other then using good judgement regarding safety you should be able to INSPECT your house whenever you want to. We typically avoid going in when workers are there just so we are out of the way, but we usually head over right after work and if the house is locked up we stop by the sales office and grab the key and our sales rep never leaves the office to escort us. Your PM might be right that it is not yet officially your house, BUT it is your house and you have every right to keep an eye on the progress...don't let him get away with it!!!

  7. Thanks BD for the tips. The SR let me know that the land was cleared and the PM was instructed to begin next Wednesday. I am hopeful things will go very smoothly...I am so ready to get the ball rolling.

  8. I can't believe this CRAP! Yes I am like 2 weeks late, but this is totally unacceptable! Carlito, please do not let him act like he is the customer/client and you are providing the services.

    SMH and grinning, Ryan homes works for you not vice versa. I think a caution and or maybe asking for curtesylike pls do not call me after certain hours or something along the lines of, you can enter at your own risk. I think threating to call the police is rude and unneccessary!

    Anywho...I hope things are going a little better. Between the permit delays, earthquake, hurricane and now the rain this house has got to be at least a month or two behind schedule, however believe me it will be worth the wait! :)

    GL and tell your PM, that he works for you and vice versa and with that attitude he will not be getting 10's on his evaluation due to his threats and unwillingness to provide good customer service. take that!