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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Update

So, we decided to go to the model one last time today to scope out everything. Also to take a few pictures. Tomorrow we meet with out sales representve to finally sign our final contract.. And of course write out another check to them :( ! Not sure what the next step is but I really hope it's a pre - contraction meeting and hopefully we are able to break ground sooner rather than later. Let's see, we also did another drive by through the neighborhood this weekend. We discovered that there are actually people living in the community!!! Usually when we are there we don't see anyone , but not this time!! Kids were playing outside, people were walking their dogs...and people were jogging!!!! Yess!!! That's all I have to report..hopefully we'll have a chance to put sothe pictures up this week of our lot, and a few of the model before we head up to Martha's Vinyard for Memorial Day.


  1. Welcome!!! Your RH sales rep should be able to give you more information regarding the process. They should be able to tell you when they plan to break ground and a few days prior to that you will have your pre-construction meeting. Then the fun, framing, wiring, etc.

    Have you scheduled or had your meeting with the flooring contractor and Guardian (audio, data, alarm, etc.) contractor yet?

  2. Ok...been a couple of weeks since your last post...your eFamily is worried about everything going will find when you don't update at least once a week we start to worry about you.

  3. I am so sorry for not posting. Things have been stalled for some reason. The permits are taking forever but we did meet with Guardian and made all of our final selections. I do have pictures of the model and some of the options we chose and I will put them up as soon as my lazy behind uploads them from the camera!